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Welcome to my world of innovation and technological development! I am proud to introduce myself as the head of the Innovation and Development sector at an IT company in Genoa. I've been passionate about technology from a young age and have dedicated my career to finding cutting-edge solutions to challenge the limits of innovation. My mission is to lead our team in creating products and services that transform the way businesses face the challenges of the digital world. I'm constantly hungry for new ideas and challenges, and I believe the potential of technology is infinite. Working at the heart of innovation gives me the opportunity to make the future a better place.

IT Consultant.

The sun does not turn around the earth? Fool, heretical, absurd and false!
Court of inquisition for the theories of Copernico and Galileo, 1916

  • Birthday: 27 May 1984
  • Phone: +39 329 38 55555
  • City: Genoa, Italy
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  • Status: Employed

My passion for innovation constantly pushes me to stay updated on the latest technological trends and to explore new development opportunities. I am convinced that only through innovation can we face the challenges of the future and make a difference in the digital world.


Always passionate informatics and security, I had my first significant experiences at the age of 15 years on *nix based systems and it's management with a security focus. At age 18 (on august 2002), I'm arrested for computer crimes and because of this I had to interrupt my IT security studies to devote myself to software development. The investigation lasted eight years and then fell into prescription. After graduation I worked as a freelance for some companies in Genoa and then I moved to Rome to work as employeer of One Italy S.p.A. where it began with bug fixes, optimizing and implementing new features on H3g S.p.A. m-sites. Later, after a brief analysis and design, I create the "Darwin Streaming Platform" with open source technologies in PHP and C++ languages. This platform hosted services such as "Big Brother 8" italian show. Then I feel the need to relaunch as free-lance, the figure where I works for several years, back in Genoa. Now I started again to study and research IT security and I'm working as Head of Research and Development for an IT company as employee.

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Throughout my professional career, I have successfully led teams of developers and technology consultants, working closely with clients to understand their needs and transform them into concrete solutions. I am proud to have carried out successful projects that have contributed to the growth and sustainability of the companies I have collaborated with.

Management 100%
Development 90%
*NIX Systems Administration 75%
Networking 50%
Web Security 85%
Sys Security 65%
Team Building 90%
Graphic 5%




Filippo Baruffaldi

Innovative and deadline-driven IT Consultant with a lot of years of experience managing and developing user-centered projects from initial concept to final, polished deliverable.

  • Genoa
  • +39 329 38 55555


Rescuer - Crew Chief

2014 - Present

P.A. Croce Bianca Genovese, Genoa, IT

118 Service (Ambulance)

Mobile Column Operator - Civil Protection

2010 - 2014

ANPAS, Genoa, IT

Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

Significative Professional Experience

Head of Research and Development

2017 - Present

Wingsoft S.r.l., Genoa, IT

  • Maintained and updated more than 40 websites.
  • Security audit of a lot of systems, networks and websites.
  • Reverse engineered some online banking viruses.
  • Handled disasters and security risks and accidents.
  • Investigated and mitigated some DDos attacks.
  • Coordinator of all Wingsoft, Mentelocale and HappyTicket development projects.

IT Consultant

2009 - 2014

GB Consulting, Rome, IT

  • Web sites, e-commerce and web services development.
  • Network administration
  • Security audit
  • Arduino based project: SmartDoor

Senior Software Developer Team Lead

2007 - 2008

One Italia S.p.A., Rome, IT

  • H3g S.p.A. M-sites maintenance.
  • Creator of "Darwin Streaming Platform".
  • Head of streaming department.



Genoa, IT


+39 328 39 55555